Catch Flights Not Feelings

Catch Flights Not Feelings Trailer

March 24, 2021 Rica Season 1 Episode 0
Catch Flights Not Feelings
Catch Flights Not Feelings Trailer
Show Notes

Rica here, your host of Catch Flights Not Feelings Podcast! I'm here to bring you tips, tricks, flight deals, experiences, food recommendations, locations, and more!
In each episode, I'll be exploring a new place and talking all about my experiences!
I am a full-time worker, and a part-time traveler (no I definitely wish I was a part-time traveler!) But I definitely maximize my vacation days and look for the best flight deals around. I've had the privilege of traveling to over 17 different countries already, and I'm not stopping any time soon!
Follow, Like, or Subscribe where you listen to podcasts, and listen in to my experiences as we travel across the world and across the country together. It's going to be a whirlwind of an adventure! 
I'll have a segment titled Delayed Flights in each episode, where I'll talk about anything that I dislike while traveling, and I hope you share your stories with me too! Because, for some reason, I always hit a delayed flight!
New episodes will drop every other Thursday for Travel Thursdays with Rica!

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